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    Ireland AM: Gadget Guy — TV3 IRELAND AM

    Tv3 Ireland AM, Thursday 2nd March, 2017: Retro Gadgets

    With the recent announcement by one-time Mobile Giant Nokia that they would be bringing back the retro simplicity of the classic 3310, the simple ubiquitous mobile of a generation - 17 years ago to be exact, I thought I'd look at what else in technology casts an eye back to the good old days! The New 3310 boasts a revamped colour screen, standby time of up to 30 days and even basic web connectivity. Just no APPS! Good old fashioned buttons and a frame that will most likely withstand smaller bomb blasts. Check it out here..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg5BBwB50J0

    ION Motion LP Vinyl Player: 
    Dam fine piece of kit if youre into this kind of thing, I don't get the fascination with old Vinyl but I guess it's each to their own and as Mark said, I AM a philistine. We put together, sounds pretty good on it's internal speakers and is rechargeable and therefore totally portable. A USB port connects it right into a computer so you CAN digitise your old records if you fancy. It's good kit for €99
    See: http://www.thegadgetstore.ie/ion-motion-lp.html

    Retro TV Games:
    Tiny little device that manages to contain 200 simple, retro 80's style games. Controller itself feels solid enough given the price tag and although I recognise maybe 10 of the games, there's some nostalgic gems in there even if it will never win any awards for stunning graphics! Not bad fior 20 quid!

    Roberts R1 Streaming Speaker:
    Build quality, speaker quality and design is as retro as it is premium quality, the R1 sounds great and works wirelessly on your wifi network to play either your content from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. No battery is a bit sucky but As long as you don't need to move it around too much it's a lot of quality sounds for your buck. The "undok" app its designed to be controlled by works with all streaming radio stations and either a spotify or Apple music account.
    See: https://www.robertsradio.com/uk/products/r-line/wireless-speaker-systems/r1

    Check out the show here!