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    Apple Macbook Repairs


    Laptoplab is our laptop, device and computer repair lab facility. Unlike a repair shop that would simply replace larger parts of computers and devices, we carved our niche in developing our skils a little further over the years. Primarily so that we could not only replace a screen or replace a hard drive or a costly motherboard, but in many cases actually repair those items. When some say "your motherboard is gone", we have developed skills and equipment to actually repair or replace the many tiny components ON a motherboard that may have failed. This has given us the ability to render timelier, more cost effective repairs and to effectively repair ANYTHING that is economically viable. This is particularly relevant when expensive Apple Laptops are accidentally damaged by liquid or impact. 


    With nearly SIXTEEN years and now nearly 50,000 computers of all kinds repaired of all manner of ailments and disasters, there's little we haven't seen. Our team are a family and our customers are our friends. If you have a technology woe, we are here to help. 


    • Business IT Support Callouts
    • GDPR Advice and implementation
    • Data Recovery
    • Email and VOIP Phone systems and support
    • Component Repairs
    • Apple Macbook and macbook Pro repairs
    • Liquid Damage repairs
    • Screen replacements
    • WiFi Problems and Solutions
    • Windows and Mac Software Service
    • Apple Certified Technicians 
    • Google Certified Support 
    • Apple Macbook Pro Liquid damage repairs


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