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    Please see our list of recommended resources.



    Slack is an excellent tool for internal team and business communication. Think of it as a business Whatsapp. Used by everyone from the FBI to Banking Institutions - to us, it is great for team communication, and is especially good for working from home situations. Their free package has little restrictions and can be setup right away.





    Teamviewer is widely used, and for many reasons. It allows remote connection to a PC or Mac that is internet connected. You can install its free version on a Mac or PC and connect to it from any other PC or Mac that has internet access in the World. The free version, can only be used non commercially but is a wonderful tool for remote working. 



    Any Desk

    Another remote connection tool - much like Teamviewer. Easy to use and in our experience, lighter and less bandwidth heavy than other remote connection tools.



    Google Hangouts

    Definitely our favourite video meeting system, and free to all gmail/ g-suite users, so if you have a gmail - this is for you. Video meet with up to 150 people at a time, and share your screen for presentation purposes. We are seeing more and more clients using this for the likes of remote Fitness Training, Remote Cosmetic Consultation and even Video medical consultations. It is a very powerful tool with limitless possibilities. 




    Learn a language for free, forever. If you want to learn a language, or want to brush up on one you have already learned, Duolingo cannot come highly recommended enough. With over 90 languages to chose from, and over 300 million existing users. It gamifies language learning and very effectively motivates users to progress. They famously say "it takes 34 hours of Duolingo to learn the equivalent of one semester of college". Most of our team use Duolingo and love it! It is both app based if you have a Smart device, and web based if you want to use it on your Mac or PC.






    There are lots of podcast providers out there. Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google have a new Podcast service that is also excellent. Our favourite, is Pocket Casts. It is available on Mac, Windows and Android/ iOS. Easy to use and with an excellent library of interesting and entertaining podcasts. If you are not familiar with Podcasts, if you think of them as prerecorded radio shows and documentaries, you won't be far wrong. 



    Netflix Party

    If you are a Netflix user, this is a recent accessory to it. Essentially, it allows you to watch a Netflix Film or show in a synchronised fashion with friends in different locations. It also allows you to message the group while watching enjoying the show. Think of it like a virtual cinema experience! 




    Khan Academy


    Khanacademy.org is a Not for Profit online school. Essentially, you sign up with your childs date of birth and you obtain free online and interactive course material for all core subjects. The site spans from Pre-school right through to our Secondary School equivalent. The material is designed for global consumption, but does feel a little USA centred. It includes lives classes at scheduled times of the day along with day planners appropriate for the age group and time of year. Incredible resource and well worth a look if you have children who are temporarily out of school.