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    Pet Gadgets! Ireland AM 24th of May, 2017

    So this morning I got to bring my fluffy friend Loxie on air. All under the sneaky guise of talking tech for pets! Loxie and I had a fair bit of fun "testing" what was on offer!

    I rang around a whole pile of pet stores and whereas so many said "we don't really do gadgets..." the most incredibly helpful and creative turned out to be my own local pet store in Glenageary, if you love your pet the way I do - get into them. They are as passionate as they are knowledgeable. 

    By the way- I got all my items this morning "Pete approved" by my good friend Pete the Vet. He always gives out to me when I feed Loxie the wrong things and saves me from unwittingly making her sick.

    1. Kippy Vita Pet Finder: €199 
    The smallest real GPS tracker I've ever seen - it fits neatly to your cat or dogs collar and with minimal setup- you can follow their exact location on your smartphone- even tracking their activity during the day and receiving notifications if they go beyond a digital boundary you've set. Clever and safe as houses.

    2. Foobler Treat Ball: €39.75
    Remarkable little dog toy/ball that drops treats automatically every 90 minutes (you can vary this) 
    The thing emits a beep when it does so and the dog needs to nose it around a bit to get them out. Loxie gave it her paws up!

    3. iFetch/Hyper fetch tennis machine: €125 Loxie's a bit scared of this one but I thing she used it wrong. Your dog drops a ball in the top and it randomly shoots it across the room, until, hopefully, your dog pops it back in the top again to start the whole cycle anew!

    4. Trixie Memory Trainer: €75
    Prety high tech- I know I'd love this one if I was a dog! The base unit emits a treat when the wireless control button is pressed. Simple for a dog to press and because it's wireless you can place it anywhere around the room or even in another room. Great memory training!

    5. IP Videochat Camera: €99 
    Carl in our Bray branch has these, (bray@backfromthefuture.ie) or 014757177. The cheapest Wireless two way chat, pan and tilt internet cam I've seen. Easy to set up and monitor/chat to your pet from your smartphone - anywhere in the world!

    as always- ask me anything: colin@backfromthefuture.ie