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    Ireland AM: Gadget Guy — DASHCAMS

    Tv3 Ireland AM 11.07.2017 Dashcams!

    Today we were looking at the growing demand for the "silent eye-witness" that is the Dashcam. Video and audio recording cameras in vehicles. Primarily for full time recording of the events and goings on during your driving experience. Borne out of Russia and the need to protect citizens from invalid accusations from sometimes corrupt law enforcement, they are now being used globally to vindicate or indeed prove right or wrong the driver in the event of a mishap. Thanks to advancing video storage and quality, along with reduced costs of such tech, it's getting easier, cheaper and more effective. 

    Today we were looking at the Garmin range, my own Garmin Dashcam 35 was the unit I had in studio but I got my hands last week on their latest models, the 55 and 65. Tiny, set up in minutes and high quality, they not only record but intelligently analyse the road in front of you. The cam can alert you to red lights, speed limits, stationary traffic and even lane change. displaying the speed and location right on the recorded video, it might become your best friend in the event of an accident. 


    the three other dashcams were missing the more advanced features but also missing a chunk of the Garmin's price tag so its horses for courses. 
    They can be purchased over at our friends in Bcool in Jervis or in Dundrum Shopping Centre.